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Steve Red, President and CCO, Red Tettemer
Steve Red, President and CCO, Red Tettemer
Scott Lambert, CD, DraftCB Melbourne
Scott Lambert, CD, DraftCB Melbourne
Converse: "Dwyane Wade"
Dwyane pens a mash note to basketball.

SR Nice. It was fun to land on this bit of simplicity. As I read though, I gotta say, a little part of my brain was waiting for the "surprise" ending. Still the heart behind the brand beat loud and clear. Four Stars

SL I really don't know what to make of this. Maybe if I was an American basketball fan, it would all be crystal clear. Where does Converse fit into this? There is no branding that I can see. One Star

NBC: Bionic Assessment Test
NBC helps foster superhuman abilities in the masses.

SR Not only did I discover I'm not bionic; I think I may have the reaction time of a carrot. website...and...restore...dignity...must... Four Stars

SL Firstly, I am not a big fan of online tests or games. I just feel like they are a complete waste of my time (I am sure that I am a minority there though). Forcing myself to take the test further reinforced this feeling.

The tests were just OK. The site, however, is really well produced. The intro film looked good (once it downloaded properly), and the overall look of the main page was cool. One final question though, why did they use a male body, considering this is promoting the bionic woman? Two Stars

Pioneer Kuro: "Enter"
Take a wild ride into the Pioneer universe

SR Yikes, I've entered a world where a deep, disembodied voice keeps telling me to "enter a world." Looks like somebody spent a lot of money and effort to produce the rip-o-matic the agency used to set up the creative presentation. No Stars

SL Enter into the terrible world of no idea. If you put a soundtrack over this, it would just feel like the montage you get at the beginning of a production company's reel. It lacks anything original and it's full of too many generic benefits. And don't get me started about the voice over.

There is obviously one big difference between Pioneer and Sony. Sony has "Balls." No Stars

Victoria Bitter: "VB Symphony"
It's a Victoria Bitter-sweet symphony

SR Needs more cow bell. Not over the top enough to be pure fun and not beer-y enough to make me thirsty. Two Stars

SL This spot is a refreshing departure for Victoria Bitter, which has for the last 20-30 years been the most Macho of Macho Brands. This ad beautifully marries the macho element with the sophisticated world of an orchestra.

It's charming, funny and really well directed. Sadly, I think that there will always be comparisons made to both "Honda Choir" and the recent Sony Walkman spot out of Fallon London, but needless to say, it is still a very, very good ad. Rumor has it that this is only a viral, which is a tad sad, because I think that the average VB drinker would love the spot if it went to air. Well done Jim & Ben. Three Stars

Street Review

Russ Fertig
Russ Fertig
Mr. Fertig is a software programmer living in Detroit.

NBC: Bionic Assessment Test

Well, I messed up and did test one backwards with a score of one percent, the cat was asleep on the keyboard so test three was also a flop, and test four glitched when a question was answered at the exact moment time expired. And you miss one and you're down to 72 percent. But this was rather entertaining, and offered up stimulating challenges. I'm curious to try again to unlock the higher levels. It makes me want to play the game, not watch the show. Four Stars To discuss this article, visit the Creativity Forums.
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