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Dave Register, Former CD at Arnold Worldwide, founder OptionR ad school, and freelance copywriter
Dave Register, Former CD at Arnold Worldwide, founder OptionR ad school, and freelance copywriter
Gonzalo Marti, Creative Director, S.C.P.F., Miami
Gonzalo Marti, Creative Director, S.C.P.F., Miami

E4 "Skins Trailer"
Kids these days...they just writhe around in semi-orgies when they should be studying.

DR: I had a hard time watching this trailer twice, which I figured was kinda necessary before doing a review. I like the two women kissing for obvious reasons and I like the look of the film but my overall take on this trailer is: cheese. Dark, smelly, mold-covered cheese. Maybe the footage can be re-used for a tourism ad for a cheap hotel in Amsterdam. One Star

GM: High School Musical meets Pete Doherty. Ain't saying it won't capture post pubescent eyeballs galore. Overproduced teenxploitation's not my cup of tea though. But hey, who am I to criticize my fellow mercenaries of pop culture? Two Stars

Nike "No Excuse"
Cat got your tongue?

DR: This felt dated and really long-winded. The minute felt like three minutes. Not fun to watch at all. I get the message sure and it's a fairly cool sentiment but, that said, it's really a bit of a dud. The guy being in a wheelchair is a pretty good reveal but even then it fails to inspire. And it's for Nike. I hate to say it but... "No excuses". Two Stars

GM: Deja vu issues. Nike's done better. Bar's too fucking high. Nevertheless, it's a professional ad with "just do it" written all over it. It should strike a chord with lazy and/or guilt-ridden folks. Three Stars

NSW Police "Watch For Cars When Wearing Headphones"
The unaware are outlined and chalked.

DR: I like this ad. Sure we've all seen the chalk outline technique a lot but the iPod cord making the outline is a pretty fresh idea. The concept works, it seems like a legitimate problem (I hope the client is just as legitimate) and the art direction is nice and simple. Nice work. Three Stars

GM: Something in these executions looks staged beyond my threshold of advertising fakeness tolerance, which banalizes an otherwise necessary and noble message. Three Stars

Sony Europe "Be Like No Other"
Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich. And a script contest.

DR: I love movies. I love John Malkovich and I love the way this site looks. But man I got bored quickly with the actual content. And Malkovich just comes off like a pompous turd—more so than usual. I only navigated through this sleepy site because I had to. This begs the question: do people even go to sites like this? Two Stars

GM: Celebrities in ads are still a mystery to me, but Malko rocks regardless (man crush alert). Delightful stream of consciousness. The geeky Sony Vaio is starting to look kind of cool. Four Stars

Street Review

Kristin Graw
Kristin Graw
Kristin is an English professor in Seoul, Korea.

Nike "No Excuse"
Phew, Whinesville '08. I tried to concentrate to hear what he was whining about. I guess I would pay attention to it on TV; I was trying to hear each individual whine; my friend just heard the words in the ad and he guessed it was for Nike without viewing it. Weird, eh!?! He says he heard some Nike banter. Three Stars
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