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GlobalHue ECD Desmond Hall
GlobalHue ECD Desmond Hall
Cheil Worldwide CD Hui-Kang Yea
Cheil Worldwide CD Hui-Kang Yea

HSBC: Lumberjack

When ideological issues hit home.

DH: The borrowed-interest hotline is still open for business. What in the name of Paul Bunyan does this execution really have to do with a bank? Maybe it's symptomatic of the current banking mess. And hey married guys, think your wife's gonna hug your love handles and make up that easily, even if you did post bail? One Star.

HY:The filmmaking itself is very impressive. It has all the elements it needs to be an award-winning commercial film. The background music, detailed settings, directing, etc... It's a true eye-catcher from start to end. The message that HSBC has been saying throughout the campaign - The World's Local Bank - is also good. But I wonder how this ad is relevant to the bank industry. It's too farfetched. I wish it was more related to the brand. It was a bold attempt to try something different, but it's not quite enough. Three stars. McDonald's: Cliffhanger
Ronald's Choice: the fries, or your life.

DH: Being a disciple of Bernbach, I can't crack too much on the boys in DDB Stockholm. My man hanging from the branch over the fjord is OK. But it's not in the same weight class as the classic Micky D's french fry spot where the boxing manager rallies his forlorn fighter telling him his opponent stole his french fries in 3rd grade. "Boxer" uses the same "it's that good" proposition as the "Cliffhanger" but "Boxer" has a better human insight and execution. Three stars.

HY:OK, I'm not very sure about this ad. Yes, we all know perfectly well that McDonald's french fries are to-die-for. But do we have to repeat the same messages over and over? The storyline is not exactly insightful. If there were an unexpected twist or surprise, I would have been more impressed. It's way too simple. Execution and computer graphics are very good though. One star. Nokia: Music Almighty
Armchair vocalists unite!

DH:They took the headphone listening pleasure out of the Virgin Mega Store, put it online, and customized it for cell phone display and active inquiry. I like it a lot. Four stars.

HY:The website for "Music Almighty" is a truly well made one. I can see why people would spend more time playing around on it and exploring. The visitors get to choose one of five distinct musical characters, and by simply wearing headsets they can be music stars. They can enjoy various entertainments while they're at it. But I'm afraid this is not a very original idea. There's nothing new about Face-mapping and lip-synching. For the past few years, and from the recent winners of Cannes for that matter, we got to see some very similar ideas. But in spite of that, the perfectly executed "Music Almighty" headsets have their own characters—especially with their beautiful design. It truly deserves a pat on the back. Three stars. Sony Playstation: Little Big Planet-Tiny Billboards
1,000 tiny billboards sprout up for a big game release.

DH:It's said that cigarette companies make signs low to catch the eye lines of the "youngins." The creators of this Playstation work used the same kind of thinking - contouring the media for the target. Very smart. Three stars.

HY:A small but very smart and cute campaign which urges people (including myself) to play with the new PS3 game right away! One of the lucky owners of a tiny Little Big Planet limited edition billboard has already put his up for sale on eBay. I really like this funny, novel idea. I wonder why I can't see these tiny little billboards with ladder and lights around my house in Korea! But unfortunately, I've seen these cute little billboards in a Japanese car outdoor ad campaign last year, carried out in Italy. How thrilling it would have been, if the idea was truly original! Two stars.

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Juno Demelo
Juno Demelo
Juno lives in Brooklyn, NY and likes to look for jellyfish in the canal near her house.

HSBC - Lumberjack

Kids as tree-sitters—pshaw! The real roadblock here: If your boyfriend stood by while you were arrested, there's no way you'd have your arms around him on the motorbike ride home from jail. I understand people value things differently, but HSBC customers don't place drastically different values on money. It's visually interesting, but the connection to the bank is a bit of a stretch. Three stars.
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