Sony "Balls"

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Experience color.
The spot sure is named appropriately on more than one level--it did take a client with a pair to go with Fallon/London's singular and unscripted idea and the in camera, balls-out (sorry) approach taken to executing it (read on the news section of this site and in the December issue of Creativity how director Nicolai Fuglsig, um, pulled off the ball shoot). But the larger campaign idea here is "Like No Other," so creating a unique way to look at color, one that stirs up some less obvious and more deep rooted feelings about the subject seems in order and is surely as effective as some more prosaic color demo.

Too long? No way. Viewed the way it was meant to be (on a big screen-–the spot airs in cinemas and on IMAX screens as well as during the pre-game break before a monster ManU/Chelsea game) you really can't get enough of the balls. It's hypnotic, at times surreal, and quite affecting. Thumbs up, again, to Fuglsig for the choices made-–the music, the strictly camera approach, and the people (and animals) that appear in some of the scenes.

For such a simple ad it does quite a bit-–it entertains, it speaks eloquently on color and and it lives beyond its two-and-a-half minute playing time-–in various parts of the media world, including spontaneous blog pickup, and of course, in the soft parts of our hearts that are attached to our buying nerves.

We always like to see a show of balls in the ad world. It's just a bonus when they're gorgeous and bouncy. (TI)

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