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Philip Brink, Senior Creative, CCCP
Philip Brink, Senior Creative, CCCP
Bruno Corbo, Creative Director, Dentsu America
Bruno Corbo, Creative Director, Dentsu America
Braun: Gorilla
Braun tames your wild side.

BC I know a gorilla who is personally offended by this ad. But for us humans it's a nice, quick, to-the-point concept. Remember those? And just when you thought you saw every possible gorilla idea done and done well, there's always one more primate joke to be had. Three Stars

PB A classic before-after print. That's been done before. A lot. So if you come up with a new one it has to be really special. And this one is not. Besides that, I don't think it's smart to call men with beards apes at a time that half the men in town walk around with hair on their faces (not only in advertising). In fact, being a monkey is cool; just look at the Cadbury ad, for instance. Poor cliché, nice execution. Two Stars Plum Baby: Plum Vision
Baby's first surf is full of video fun.

BC Plum Vision is a microsite created to encourage parents to help their babies discover and engage their senses. They are a series of short films geared toward parents with babies between 10 to 18 months old. After watching these films, which are about 7 minutes long each, the most immediate effect is the numbing of your own senses. However, they are beautifully crafted and a really smart way to tie into the brand's expertise in "taste." Three Stars

PB I like brands that go beyond the borders of flat-out promoting their core business. In this case Plum Baby goes beyond selling baby food. I don't know anything about babies so I don't know if they like these films. But the fact that Plum takes the effort to make a website with films without directly trying to sell a product (using a 'real' psychologist as the expert) will probably make a lot of young moms' hearts beat faster. Three Stars Net 10: Microwave
Release the evil from your mobile phone.

BC You know how we all throw around the idea of making something viral that users, themselves, will want to pass around on the worldwide web? This is it. Four Stars

PB Very contemporary, as in you see these kinds of viral films a lot at the moment. They look very realistic, like someone filmed them with a mobile phone or handy-cam. The surprise comes from the use of special effects. That can work really well. Same here. The title at the end will probably be cut out on most web logs, so there's the risk that nobody knows what it's for in the end. It could be a microwave, the newest Steven Spielberg blockbuster or a new phone. But still a very cool little film. Four Stars Orange: Rewind City
Orange tracks back to restart a love affair.

BC No product shots. No heavy handed messaging. Just a nice way to say Orange carries DVRs. Although, I wouldn't apply too much logic to the spot. And I wish the pay-off line was a little stronger. OK, while I'm at it, I also think the rewind gimmick is a little better than the concept. Three Stars

PB Beautifully executed commercial. The idea of rewinding a real life situation is a great surprise. And it works really well. It clearly explains one (only one) of the features of interactive television. Rewinding. But I don't understand the story of the commercial. The main characters just said goodbye and are willing to do so time and time again? But saying goodbye sucks! It hurts. Makes you cry. So why would you want to repeat going over that moment endlessly? Three Stars

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Nick Stableski
Nick Stableski
Nick works for a non-profit organization in New York City. He believes that children are our future.

Net 10: Microwave

Good Lord, what are we advertising for here? My first reaction is to cancel my cell contract and cook everything in a toaster oven from now on. The message I think they're trying to get across is "Our phone is so dope that when exposed to radiation flesh-eating zombies may be released." That is cool, but can it send text messages? One Star
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