Toons Go to Town

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This Gold Pencil winner, by the Atlanta-based in-house agency for Cartoon Network Latin America, plucks iconic cartoon figures from their two-dimensional environments and places them in the real - as in live action - world, to demonstrate that Cartoon Network is "Clearly the best place for cartoons." In one spot, Jane Jetson blinks at a microwave in a "modern" kitchen when it won't obey her commands. Another places the Scooby-Doo team in a darkened alleyway where a (human) cop is in the process of arresting a (human) thug. "I wonder who's behind this one," says Velma. "I'll bet it's Old Man Winslow!" says Fred. "Take off his mask!" says Daphne. The cop and the perp just shake their heads.

Client/Agency: Cartoon Network Latin America ADs: Damon Pittman, Craig Adams CWs: Fernando Semenzato, Hernan La Greca Craig Adams Steve Kuhn Agency Producers: Damon Pittman, Craig Adams Director Larry Robertson, Keith Adams/Turner Studios Editor: Matt Lucas/Turner Studios Illustrator: Matt Lucas/Turner Studios Sound Design: Jimmy Gautrix/Turner Studios

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