Rewind: Sweetness! Walter Payton Croons in Old KFC Ad

Web Sensation Sam 'Sweet Feet' Gordon Brings Back the Memories

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A couple weeks back, a young girl named Sam Gordon became an internet sensation after a YouTube video of her dominating the football field went viral. Her speed and fearlessness on the gridiron is astounding to watch and all the more impressive when you see her outrun boys nearly twice her size. The video racked up some 2 million views before her father, who uploaded the video, decided to take it down for fear she would get too much notoriety -- or begin to draw critics -- too young.

Sam, however, did appear on ESPN's SportsCenter and on a Wheaties box.

"I wasn't really sure what kind of response people would have," her dad told "Good Morning America." "I thought it was impressive and it appears that other people enjoy watching her as well."

Little Sam's skills earned her the nickname of "Sweet Feet," on the field, earning her comparisons to the Chicago Bears' legendary running back Walter Payton, who was known as "Sweetness." His moniker took hold in college (though it's not clear if it was derived from his charming personality or was tongue-in-cheek, mocking his aggressive style on the field).

This month marks 13 years since Payton, whom former Bears coach Mike Ditka called the greatest football player he'd ever seen, passed away at the age of 45.

In honor of him, his new female protege Sam, and the fact that the holidays are all about food and football, this week's Rewind is a throwback Payton ad.

Late in his career, Payton experimented with singing (even rapping at one point) and serving as a pitchman for brands in TV commercials. In the 1987 ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken shown below, he earnestly sings a song called "Doin It Right." Consumers could get a copy of the single for free with a purchase of chicken.

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