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This racy Devour commercial won't air in the Super Bowl

'Food porn' takes on new meaning in the new campaign

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Hot frozen food action
Hot frozen food action Credit: Kraft Heinz

Devour has released a 60-second version of its upcoming Super Bowl spot and it's safe to say this version is not safe for the Big Game.

"My boyfriend is addicted to frozen food porn," the girlfriend in the commercial begins. "He watches it at least two or three times a day."

Throughout the 60-second commercial the boyfriend heats and eats plenty of Devour meals, and sneaks in as much frozen food "porn" as he can. The chagrined girlfriend tries to win her man back with gestures that include a romantic home-cooked meal, to no avail: All the frozen food porn has turned him into a three-minute man, a reference to how long it takes to heat up a frozen meal. Or is it?

The 30-second version of the Devour spot set to win CBS's nod for TV airtime is likely to be a lot less racy. Releasing the so-called uncensored version well ahead of Super Bowl Sunday is a tactic Devour is using to generate more buzz for its brand, a growing but small name in the Kraft Heinz portfolio. Super Bowl ad buyers including Go Daddy and SodaStream have tweaked commercials to meet the approval of network censors in the past.

Devour's broader campaign has plenty of food porn references, which comes as no surprise when looking back at the brand's first work from 2016 and its reliance on the tagline "food you want to fork."

Other new plans include setting up the hotline 1-83-FOODPORN to dish out some seductive descriptions of frozen food, sponsoring an RV that will take members of the Barstool Sports team to Atlanta, and running a sweepstakes with prizes including a year's supply of meals.

(For those unfamiliar with the term "food porn," just head to Instagram. The tag #foodporn has been used more than 185 million times to showcase everything from slabs of meat to cheese pulls, extra-large servings of fries and rich desserts.)

VaynerMedia is leading Devour's social and digital activations. As previously reported, Devour's 30-second spot will air during the third quarter and comes from David Miami.

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