Budweiser Says Drunk Drivers Kill Puppy Love

Brew Relies on Same Heartstrings as a Recent Super Bowl Ad

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The Budweiser puppy is back ... sort of. And it's at risk.

The brew is seeking to recapture some of the magic of its popular "Puppy Love" Super Bowl spot with a new anti-drunk driving digital video featuring a man and his dog. The spot uses the same breed -- a Yellow Lab -- as the Emmy-nominated Clydesdales Super Bowl ad. The dog in the ad is not the same one shown in "Puppy Love," which actually made use of several pups. But Bud stuck with the same breeder for both spots.

The Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned brand used a different creative team this time: Anomaly was the agency behind "Puppy Love," while Bud used Momentum Worldwide as the creative consultant for the new spot, called "Friends are Waiting."

The ad begins by showing how the man, Luke, bonded with the pooch, named Cooper, over the years. The pooch whimpers when Luke doesn't come home one night. But the two pals are reunited the next day when Luke, who apparently was out drinking, returns in the morning, after deciding to crash at a friend's house rather than drive.

"Friendship, camaraderie and enjoying great times are at the heart of Budweiser's most popular campaigns, and this video maintains that tradition but with an unexpected twist," Brian Perkins, VP-Budweiser. "Budweiser is known for connecting with beer drinkers in memorable ways, and our efforts to promote responsible drinking through this video are no exception."

The 60-second video will be supported with paid media, according to the brewer. The ad's release is timed with the brewer's fifth-annual "Global Be(er) Responsible Day" on Friday, in which the brewer will be "promoting responsible drinking worldwide," according to a statement.

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