There's No Place Like Home for Dogs in Coldwell Banker Oscar Ad

Adopted Dogs Star in Spot With Tie-In to

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While GoDaddy's original Super Bowl spot was about an adorable ad puppy getting sold, Coldwell Banker Real Estate's Oscar commercial will help real dogs find their homes.

The New Jersey-based real estate company on Wednesday unveiled an ad titled "Home's Best Friend." The spot, which will air during the Oscars broadcast on Feb. 22, features 16 dogs, including Max, that found a home through, the largest non-profit pet adoption website in North America.

This real estate company is also launching the "Home for Dogs Project" to find homes for 20,000 dogs in 2015 by teaming with the pet-adoption website. Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer for Coldwell, said that they came up with the idea after seeing an increased presence of rescued dogs in other TV spots.

"It's hard not to like dogs," said Mr. Blankenship. "It shows an emotional connection and also adds the layer of the quality."

This is the third year that Coldwell chose to advertise during the Academy Awards, which the company sees as a better fit than the Super Bowl. Mr. Blankenship said the company's image resonates with the Hollywood's biggest event of the year more than the Super Bowl, which is often geared towards more aggressive humor.

Coldwell said it is sending a message of "unconditional love and immeasurable happiness," by portraying dogs that get excited when they see their owners come home.

Godaddy's original Super Bowl spot, on the other hand, depicted a missing puppy arriving home only to find out that his owner was a dog-breeder who'd already sold him online. (GoDaddy pulled the spot when a large number of people on social media declared that selling puppies online was no laughing matter.)

The Super Bowl "has never been our brand," said Mr. Blankenship. "We are all about home, life style, and emotional attachment to home."

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