See the Spot: Febreze Unleashes #12 Stinks of Christmas to Social Media

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The holidays are fast approaching, so time for chestnuts, open fires, red Starbucks cups, and … Febreze?

On first blush, odor neutralizers and air fresheners seem like what marketers would call "non-endemic" for the holidays. Certainly they're not anyone's idea of a gift. But the Procter & Gamble Co. brand has found sales pick up around the holidays as people look to freshen up their homes for company.

Hence the latest version of the #12 Stinks of Christmas from WPP's Possible with Doug E. Fresh, a.k.a. "the human beatbox" and "World's Greatest Entertainer" along with his canine sidekick and social-media sensation @ItsDougThePug, a.k.a. "The King of Pop Culture." The pair do a hip-hop and odor-neutralizing version of the classic "12 Days of Christmas."

This follows the success of a 2015 version starring Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison, which got good reception organically without media support (Citizen Relations handles PR), according to communications manager Mandy Ciccarella. This year, the 30-second U.S. video will also make its way to paid placements on Snapchat, iRadio and other digital venues, but not TV, Ms. Ciccarella said. And it dovetails with a U.K. version starring British TV personality and comedian Paul O'Grady due to launch next week.

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