See the Spot: Old Spice Duo Makes Real Peace After Faux Pas

Mustafa and Crews Officially End 'Feud' Weeks After False Start

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Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews make peace after their recent commercial feud in a new spot for Old Spice from Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, making its debut over Thanksgiving weekend.

The two had a faux pax thanks to a faux pas by FXX, which first aired the ad Nov. 4 about three weeks ahead of schedule due to a trafficking error. Now, the spot is out there legit and all, including an extended 72-second version on YouTube, after making its official debut during ESPN Sportscenter last night and continuing today.

The campaign features Old Spice legacy pitchman Mr. Mustafa in a feud with newer pitchman Terry Crews as the Procter & Gamble Co. brand aims to help men make a "Smellmitment" to their favorite scent – Bearglove, Swagger or Timber. A series of now seven videos in the campaign have logged 27 million video views so far.

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