Old Spice's New NFL Campaign Suggests Von Miller May Actually Be the Most Interesting Man in the World

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The new most interesting man in the world may actually be Von Miller, the Denver Broncos linebacker and new NFL Old Spice guy making his commercial debut today in new spots from Wieden & Kennedy.

Mr. Miller captures Jonathan Goldsmith-esque hyperbolic pitch in the new "Unforsweatable" ads as he literally builds his own road to the game, hand-crafted asphalt and all, in "The Road," which debuts online today and on TV during the CBS broadcast of the game between the Indianapolis Colts and his Broncos.

Then in "Be Harder," also online today and joining the TV rotation mid-season, he looks to answer the question of how, if Old Spice Sweat Defense keeps him from sweating, will he still know if he's working hard enough? The answer is to do such things as tying his shoelaces together, sticking his arm into a hornet nest, doing the limbo and going through airport security, all while still on the playing field.

The spots are directed by Australian rugby fan Steve Rogers, who also directed Nike's "Snow Day" spot last year, and shot in part on set at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

"Unforsweatable" backs the Old Spice Hardest Working Collection promising "unparalleled performance for guys who work hard and play hard," according to Procter & Gamble Co. The brand will also focus on social-media game updates to burnish its "Greatest Smell in the NFL" credentials.

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