This Star Wars Teaser Is Not for Throwback Thursday

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You may have seen a lot of ads recently for "Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection" in recent weeks as Walt Disney-owned Lucasfilm made the entire movie collection on digital video platforms like iTunes and Amazon.

But this trailer isn't for that. Oh no. While it contains a few old, familiar faces -- human, android and Wookie -- this trailer is for the next theatrical release, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," which hits theaters this Christmas.

Even fans who swore to never look at a new Star Wars film again after what George Lucas and crew did with the last three films are going to forgive everything after seeing this trailer.

Ads don't get much better than this. Then again, ads typically aren't advertising a beloved movie franchise backed with a John Williams score.

But if you are feeling nostalgic for something that's both Star Wars-related and god-awful and can't dig up a copy of "The Phantom Menace," click on over to whatever Quiznos is trying to accomplish with this.

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