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L.A. and New York based design/production shop Brand New School brought together an array of stripped-down design elements and the skills of 10 artists for an eclectic broadcast package for new Fox Cable action sports channel Fuel. The Fuel project incorporates a range of stylistically diverse broadcast graphics - the structural elements like bumpers and sponsored billboards - which combine cel, stop motion and 3-D animation, slide shows and live-action elements. BNS creative director Jens Gehlhaar says the graphics were designed to reflect the subcultural leanings and unify the diverse interests of Fuel's extreme-sports audience: the channel will spend almost as much time exploring the sports' attendant lifestyle as the sports themselves, he says. Gehlhaar and BNS delivered three times the 60 elements typically required for a broadcast package, using simple hand-drawn patterns and basic typography to create a spontaneous, unpretentious feel for the channel, keepers of which sought an "anti-brand" on-air feel.

BNS also recruited an assortment of artists from various disciplines to help create a series of 10 station identifiers, the result being 10 completely different looking IDs of varying lengths. Gehlhaar tapped video artist and devoted surfer Doug Aitken; Andy Jenkins, creative director of skate company Girl and Chocolate; and BNS designer Saiman Chow, among others, to direct the minifilms.


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