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Judging the new in-house-created BBDO logo would be a somewhat intimidating task if advertising was a political world. Thank God that creativity rules our business. So here we go, but first, let's figure out what constitutes a logo. If there were a standardized logo-ometer, then any kind of icon or mark would bring the needle way up on the scale, as would a unique custom typeface (regardless of aesthetics, unfortunately). The meter would also react well to shapes behind or around any ordinary typeface, especially if it detected some kind of color scheme. There would be many variables, but these would be the basics. However, the interesting thing to notice when an agency decides on its own logo is, while they surely want to be recognized, they don't seem to want too much attitude. So here we are in the land of plain type. It's a place I generally like. Especially since we're talking about something that looks very much like Helvetica Neue (a tad condensed maybe?). It seems like the vertical composition gives them a bit of a headache when they add division names to it. But that would be totally OK if I could see a larger branding context in the application. Without it, it is just what it is - a nice typeface in vertical layout. Oh, and it's red.- Jakob Trollback

Jakob Trollback is CEO and creative director of Trollback & Company, a N.Y./L.A. visual communications firm whose multidisciplined output includes film titles and trailers, TV commercials, architectural and environmental installations, network branding and graphic design.

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