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Agency: Wieden+Kennedy/Tokyo CD: John Jay AD: Eric Cruz CW: Barton Corley Website design/conception: Hello Design and Motion Theory

By Matt Owens

With megabrands like Nike, we have come to expect a high level of design and forward-thinking creative. The purpose of this site is to promote the Presto brand and to give visitors a taste of Presto's world of "Instant Go." With a multi-language site of this nature, creating a seamless user experience is a tall order. The Instant Remix section allows one to use key-down commands to mix and match predetermined footage and play it back, while the Instant Gear section allows one to check out the Presto products. The other two sections consist of screensavers, wallpaper and a few videos that resemble what a user creates in the Instant Remix section. There are indeed some interesting things to do on the site; however, the overall feeling and interactivity of the site is not very "instant go." Audio is entirely missing in the overall site experience and the movement throughout the site seems far too stiff for the colorful, fluid graphics. In an effort to create things to do - and technically there are some cool things to do - the site has forgotten to give the user an immersive visual and audio experience to reinforce the whole concept of "instant go" and get users in the mood of the brand, wanting to see and do more. I give the designers of the site a lot of credit for thinking through interesting ways to present the gear and for trying to create creative interactive activities that are fun. It is almost as if the site should be given a sexy facelift on the front end - more movement, sounds and pulse to reflect the pace of the brand - so that the great work done in the Instant Remix and Instant Gear sections will really shine through.

Matt Owens is co-founder of the New York design firm one9ine (, which specializes in visual communications for print, broadcast and interactive media.

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