Faile's Latest Success, Graphic Art

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The artists collective Faile, know for its street art installations, recently completed its latest "hand built" book, which will have an extended publishing run with the involvement of clothing company Paper Denim & Cloth. The Faile group, founded by Patrick McNeil, Aiko Nakagowa and Patrick Miller, made its mark with graphically compelling posters that appeared in New York, London and Tokyo. Faile's first handbound publishing foray was Orange, a book conceived to showcase the work of artists and designers from diverse stylistic and geographic backgrounds. The project featured the work of 20 artists, and 40 copies of the handbound books were produced (the second book, released in September 2001, had the coincidental, soberingly-timed theme of Death).

About 70 handbound copies of the new book, Boredom, are being produced this fall, and Paper Denim & Cloth is backing the publication of about 1,000 hardcover copies of the book. The book will feature the work of 36 artists, including Faile founders Andrew Kuo, RoStarr, Surface to Air, Brian Lee Hughes, Wes Lang and Kami & Sasuko, as well as a CD insert. Faile has licensed its designs to Paper Denim & Cloth and has also worked with jeans company One True Saxon and ProKeds. But the clothing work is a sideline, says McNeil. The group was designed as a creative outlet and focuses mainly on street art and limited-edition published works. "We just have an extreme love for design," says McNeil. "Doing projects we want to do and working with people we want to work with. This project has allowed us to do that without having to get a job at an ad agency or a design firm. It's been more about creating a lifestyle for ourselves and doing work because we love it." The group takes to the streets of Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen this fall and will have a showing at Surface to Air in Paris in November.

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