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With the international launch of its G*Mart clothing and accessories line, Philadelphia's Gyro expands on its merchandising efforts while maintaining its own brand of marketing integration and compellingly bad taste. Gyro, the agency behind Puma advertising and the long-running Bikini Bandits online film series had launched a G*mart store in Philly a few years ago, coincident with its first Bandits film. The store originally stocked products from Gyro clients and was plugged online by the Bandits.

The G*Mart line now features T-shirts, hats, panties and the like, all in keeping with the unmistakable Gyro/Bandits lifestyle (sample designs include "Mt. Beaver Summer Camp" shirts). The gear made its debut in Vegas last month at the Magic Show, the sportswear industry's pre-eminent international trade show. While Gyro product tends to glow with a white-trash sheen, the agency has long been an unlikely yet potent champion of integrated thinking. Gyro had forayed into clothing and merchandise earlier when it bought Sailor Jerry, a line of products based on the Sailor Jerry tattoo designs, and developed a wholesale infrastructure, with the line now carried in 3,000 stores worldwide. Gyro also licensed the Sailor Jerry name and designs to its liquor client, William Grant & Sons, which now markets Sailor Jerry Rum in the U.S., and will launch in a U.K. test market. Gyro plans to leverage the network and expertise acquired through Sailor Jerry with a more accessible line. "Sailor Jerry is more narrowly defined in terms of who is into it," says Gyro founder Steven Grasse. "G*Mart broadens our audience and capitalizes on the popularity of Bikini Bandits. It's merchandising, like the Lion King, only with a boobie film."

G*Mart: www.gyromart.com

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