The Hog at 100

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100 Years of Harley-Davidson Advertising (Bullfinch Press) chronicles the evolution of the legendary bikes, the company and, of course, the ads, while providing a showcase of a century of American culture and its changing art and design styles. From the first ever Harley ad - a few square inches placed in the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal in 1905 - through a sampling of print ads from each decade since, the collection of ads reflects the changing face of American sport and leisure, but the Harley open road ethic is consistent throughout. The book presents the brand through the lens of cultural shifts as it showcases the development of Harley into a transcendent social phenomenon.

Harley-Davidson has become that phenomenon, a "monster brand," because the things it stands for haven't changed, says Jim Nelson, creative director at Carmichael Lynch, Harley's agency since 1979. "The job of the advertising is to communicate these things, whether it's the freedom a rider feels or the reasons why a Fat Boy looks the way it does, to an ever-widening group of people." The book was designed by Pentagram and includes a forward from Carmichael Lynch partner Jack Supple.

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