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Snapple, in its post-Deutsch animated bottle phase, has brought back Wendy the Snapple Lady and low-key real-people comedy. The shtick here is Snapple sends some love to its biggest fans, rewarding them for compliments about Snapple products by finding acquaintances willing to tell the world of the fans' good deeds. After four weeks of casting to find likable Snapple fans and their admirers, we meet people like Natalie, and a co-worker from the animal rescue shelter where she works, who's holding one of the most jittery Chihuahuas known to man. The lil' pooch trembles on-camera like it was being low-voltage electrocuted, which completely upstages all the real people.

Client: Snapple Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners CCO: Cliff Freeman ECD: Arthur Bijur CD: Dan Morales CW: Lee Seidenberg AD: Brad Emmett Director: Chris Smith/Independent Media Editor: Jun Diaz/Mackenzie Cutler

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