Six Things You Didn't Know About Iris Worldwide's Sean Reynolds

Agency's Joint Global CD Is Bad at Golf, but Kind of Lucky Too

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Sean Reynolds, Iris Worldwide
Sean Reynolds, Iris Worldwide

Sean Reynolds is joint global creative director and a founding partner of Iris Worldwide. The agency has created notable work for Adidas, including a punchy ad in which soccer pro Luis "The Biter" Suarez takes on the haters and a clever outdoor moving projection that captured Lionel Messi's "return" to Barcelona after the World Cup. The agency was also behind the fantastic Robinsons space-themed stunt that saw astronauts drinking the juice beverage in zero gravity.

Mr. Reynolds has been instrumental in building out the agency's creative across a global network of 17 offices. Since 2007, Mr. Reynolds has been based in New York, where he's developed the agency's creative across the Americas and Asia. He's also responsible for developing integrated creative programs for clients including Diageo, Reckitt Benckiser, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Sony, Coty, Reebok and Saks Fifth Avenue.

But not everyone is aware of the magnitude of his duties, as you'll see in this edition of Six Things.

1. He's the son of an Irish builder and spent his teenage years working on building sites. It instilled in him a very healthy respect for what real work looks like.

2. He went to Saint Martins Art School with quite a few well-known people, including Stella McCartney. (He asked her out, and she said, "No.")

3. He plays golf (rarely and badly) and has managed to both land a tee shot into the open sunroof of a car and take down a seagull in flight.

4. Back in the early '90s, he used to design EPs and album covers for various music labels and artists, including Leftfield.

Leftfield Album Design
Leftfield Album Design

5. He tries to avoid talking about work outside of the office – and is pretty sure most of his family and oldest friends don't actually know what he does for a living.

6. He won his earliest creative award at the age of nine. He had a picture shown in the "Take Hart" Gallery, a U.K. TV show for kids. (You need to be British and over 35 to know what that means – but here's a link to the show.)

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