Six Things You Didn't Know About Stephane Xiberras, President of BETC Paris

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Stephane Xiberras
Stephane Xiberras

BETC Paris President and Chief Creative Officer Stephane Xiberras has now spent longer than a decade leading creative at the French agency. Under his tenure, the shop has come out with inspiring, stunning work for clients like Evian and Canal+, for which the agency's "The Bear" and "The Closet" (below) became award-show favorites.

While his work may be familiar to many, there are some things you might not know about Mr. Xiberras, as you'll see in this week's installment of Six Things.

1. He had his hair cut a year ago (he used to have really long hair) and some mornings, before he's properly awake, he jumps when he sees his face in the mirror, thinking "Who the hell is he?" "I feel like I'm in 'Quantum Leap'," he said.

2. He loves using animals in ads. There are loads in the campaigns he's made -- except in Canal+'s "The Closet," which he says he therefore considers as a "personal failure."

"I'm a fan of Gary Larson, maybe that's why, I don't know," he said, referring to the cartoonist behind "The Far Side."

3. He loves manuals and says he can read them for hours. "I'm unbeatable when it comes to electrical appliances, which I find a lot more rational and reliable than humans, who may of course have a manual too, although I never quite understood it," he said.

4. He has a problem with authority, maybe because he spent the first part of his military service in prison. He recalls: "Then, thinking I needed serious help, they put me in a military psychiatric hospital for 4 months. Honestly I don't recommend it, and if I was to spend time with crazy people I'd rather it was in advertising."

5. His mother is Italian, his father is Maltese and he lived in the South of France for 20 years. He said he does love Paris but "honestly, it really lacks in sun, beaches and barbecues by the pool."

6. He is not on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. He said it's because he doesn't like to put himself in the limelight. "In fact I'm pretty shy so doing this kind of thing is quite rare for me," he said, referring to this Six Things interview, "and it's only because it's you."

Watch "The Closet" here:

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