10 Gifts Your Colleagues Would Really Like for the Holidays

Skip the iTunes Gift Cards and Give Them Something They Need

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Millie OlsonMillie Olson
1. Your creative team: If we all know something's a bad idea, don't ask them, "Can't we just show it to the client so they can see it's a bad idea?"

2. Production: This holiday season, they don't want to hear the following words: "I know the client hasn't approved a media plan, layouts or a photographer, but would you put together a ballpark estimate?"

3. Finance: New software to replace Clients & Profits, preferably with a feature that doesn't let people log on until they do their timesheets, kind of like a "Denver boot" for agencies.

4. Account exec: You know that research document I emailed to you AND printed out for you? Could you actually bring it to the meeting?

5. IT: Restart your computer. And check to see if the thing's plugged in. Then come see me.

6. Production again: When we all know the deadline, don't ask for the absolute drop-dead deadline.

7. Art director: After I show it to you six ways, avoid saying, "What else did you try?"

8. HR: Don't call in sick after a sunny 3-day weekend; it strains credibility.

9. Management: Don't call us "boss." It always sounds slightly ironic.

10. Office manager: For the last time, don't put the knives in the dishwasher with the blades up (does someone around here hate me?)

Happy holidays, and may there be empathy toward all . . .

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