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Earlier this year I shared my Long Wide Antenna philosophy and the need to create some kind of Insight & Information department in every agency no matter how small. While I haven't quite made that dream a reality, like me you can get one step closer by following these 10 sites/peeps to help you look around the corner. I've tried to include a few you probably read and some that might be flying under your radar. Nonetheless, I have found that all of these resources provide a constant flow of smart thinking that makes me a better, more informed marketing resource for my clients.

I'd suggest adding the websites to your RSS reader. And you'll need to get on Twitter if you want to follow the people with an @ sign in front of a their name.

So here we go. In no particular order:

1. Go listen to Chris Brogan at either his blog, ChrisBrogan.com or follow him on Twitter @ChrisBrogan for a daily dose of smart writing and a wonderful resource for pointing you to other great content, especially social media.

2. There is a social media guru in Alabama? Sure is. Mack Collier's Viral Garden blog is top notch and he is always sharing interesting sites/data via Twitter @mackcollier.

3. Lisa Hoffman is a newcomer to the block, but nonetheless a very interesting read both on her blog New Media Lisa and her Tweets @LisaHoffmann.

4. Ever read the book, Creating Customer Evangelists? If not, you should. And to hear the authors' latest missives visit their blog at Church of the Customer. You can also follow them @BenMcConnell and @JackieHuba.

5. Looking for ideas, trends and inspiration? Then add PSFK to your reader and follow their Tweets @PSFK . Always great stuff that makes you go hmmmmm.

6. If you think you can handle the stream, Steve Rubel's lifestream is always full of interesting information and points you to tons of research, stats and such. But be prepared, Steve is a prolific poster. And of course @steverubel.

7. Another great resource for digital and social media insights is the Ogilvy 360 Digital Blog and I'm especially fond of one of their writers, @Virginia Miracle.

8. I have always loved the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Now I get new reports pushed to me as soon as they're released via Pew's Front Page feed. For broader coverage of social trends, follow the Pew Social Trends feed.

9. I was recently pointed to Jan Chipchase's (@janchip) future perfect blog . He's a researcher for Nokia that is currently stationed in Tokyo and often posts things that are just plain interesting, not to mention, always insightful to see what other cultures are doing – especially with mobile technology.

10. And last but not least, two companies that focus on new ideas and trends which they deliver via monthly emails which are always a great read and full of interesting ideas. Pop over to trendwatching.com and springwise.com to register for their emails or sign up for their feeds.

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg of information that I follow and if you want to follow me use @TomMartin on Twitter or subscribe to my personal blog Positive Disruption to find other great resources.

Lastly, it's the holidays and as they say, it is better to give than receive. So in that spirit use the comment field below to share your top 5 or 10 resources so we can all become a bit smarter.

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Tom Martin is President of Zehnder Communications, with offices in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He can be reached at [email protected].

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