The 30-Second Spot's Not Dead Yet

And It's Not Going Anywhere

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I was a panelist tonight where the topic was "Is the 30-second TV spot dead?"

Marc Brownstein Marc Brownstein
The short answer is that each of the panel members -- including yours truly -- concluded that it isn't dead. That surprised me, as I thought for sure someone was going to declare its premature demise. Instead, the conclusion was that the length of the TV spot may change, and where it will be found 10 years from now may also change. Perhaps on different platforms, and with more interactivity. But spots are still the primary vehicle driving brand awareness. And they likely will be for years to come.

Now, what's the real threat to TV spots?
  • Lousy creative
  • DVR/TiVo
  • Distracted, multi-tasking impatient viewers
Why lousy creative? Because no one will want to fast forward through a great commercial.

Why DVRs? Because if your creative is lousy, why shouldn't they?

Why distracted, multi-tasking, impatient viewers? Because that is the young audience we are trying to reach, and they will only give you a fraction of the time their parents would.

So, like our industry has had to do for decades, we need to continue to press on for great thinking. In the end, that will be the salvation for 30-second TV spots. As well as ads in every medium.
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