A Brief Analysis of How Agencies are Selling Themselves

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NOELLE WEAVER: I’ve been going through a brand and competitive analysis for our own agency over the past few weeks, which means wading through various agency web sites to better understand how other agencies are selling themselves and their service these days. I could write an entire piece on what I’ve found, but instead thought having you read it for yourselves would be a better idea. Here’s a sample: “One of the fastest growing agencies” “Voted one of the fastest growing agencies” “Different disciplines come together for an integrated approach” “XX has always used an integrated approach to build powerful brands that speak to consumers” “Help clients build enduring brands and form relationships that become part of consumers' everyday lives” “XX designs, builds, and runs…ongoing marketing programs that form stronger relationships between our client’s brands and customers”

“We create an interactive and ongoing dialogue with consumers … and we deliver customer relationships across all channels“

“By listening and responding to customers, we create dialogues across all channels and touch points that build brands and help our clients own customers for life”

And perhaps my favorite all-inclusive line: “…excelling at building blue-chip brands while speaking to the right consumers with powerful, well-placed messaging and great award-winning integrated creative executions that influence and build relationships in today’s cluttered landscape at the right place and at the right time” The amazing thing is that all of these quotes came from the ‘who we are’ section of an agency’s website. They represent all sizes and types [direct, pr, interactive, advertising], some famous and some not so. The amount of repetition and same-speak reminded me of all the “World’s Best Coffee” signs posted in diners and cafes around nation. Eventually you’ve seen and read so many that you stop believing it could actually be true. OK, sure it’s never easy to talk about yourself. But when we’re trying so desperately to help our clients stand out from the competition and break through the clutter, maybe it’s best to ask, how are we, as an agency, defining our differences for ourselves?
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