Are You a Sexy Beast?

Pretty Is Nice, but Attitude Wins the Day

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Tom Martin
Tom Martin
What do you think? Sexy: good or bad? Is it something to strive for? Is it something that once obtained will result in more success, better sales, or just a competitive advantage? Yes, the "right" answer is "no" -- because to want to be sexy, well, that's just unsexy. But if you agree that being sexy could actually be a good thing, ask yourself these questions.

Do you have to be pretty to be sexy? I'd say most folks would answer yes. But are all pretty people sexy? To this I'd say, no, not all pretty people are sexy. I know a lot of very attractive people that I truly do not find sexy in the slightest.

Now if you are like me, you ask yourself, why is that? I mean, sexy is about visual desire, right? Didn't we just establish that? Isn't that why publications like Playboy* have made millions? So, if someone is pretty, then logic would say they should also be sexy, right? But we just agreed that isn't true. Interesting isn't it? A sort of logical paradox.

But if you come at sexy from a different angle it actually makes perfect sense. And this is where it starts getting kind of cool from a brand development/management perspective.

What if sexy isn't really about visual attraction at all but instead about a visceral attraction? What's the difference? Simply put, I'd put forth that "pretty" is a decision that occurs in your brain. You're trained by your culture to define "pretty" in a relatively limited sense. But sexy is different. Sexy is more about attitude than visual appearance. It's about how you carry yourself or project yourself. Sexy can be about things like power, prestige and other non-visible traits. Sexy is something you feel more than know.

And I truly think sexy people know that they are sexy but often feign they don't. But that false humility just makes them sexier, doesn't it? That quiet confidence creates a commanding presence that you have a hard time taking your eyes off of, even for just a moment. It's as though you're drawn to them. You not only know you want them but at some deeper, physical level feel you want them. Even if it is just to be near them, you want them in your space.

You still with me? Because if you are, then you'd kind of have to agree that maybe, just maybe, even non-pretty people can be sexy. And that, boys and girls, is the point of my post.

Sexy is a state of mind demonstrated as much by how you hold yourself as how you look. You create sexy by how you talk, walk and even how you look at others. Sexy is a delivered experience that casts a spell on those in your sphere. In short, everyone can be sexy.

So go be sexy. Create sexy brands. You'll feel better about yourself, you'll sell more stuff and you'll win more business, better jobs or maybe a few awards. Because let's face it, people like being with the sexy people.

* So that I don't get accused by being sexist, I asked Twitter what the female equivilant of Playboy is and was told many times by females that women don't read magazines for sexy male pictures.

Tom Martin is President of Zehnder Communications, with offices in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He can be reached at [email protected] Or follow him at @TomMartin.
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