The Time to Re-Invest Is Also the Scariest Time

Spending Now to Improve Your Agency Will Pay Dividends as the Economy Recovers

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Marc Brownstein
Marc Brownstein
I've been writing a lot of checks lately to carpenters, contractors, IT technicians, painters, and audio/video specialists. That's because I made the decision back in May to renovate our offices in the midst of the recession. As I write this, construction is wrapping up, and we are moving into our new digs next week. Exciting. And scary (to spend all of that money) at the same time.

However, I believe that's what business is all about -- taking smart risks when others are afraid to. Or simply can't. If you spend money wisely on your business in a tough economy, you stand to reap the benefits when the economy rebounds and the winds of business momentum will be at your back.

So I thought I'd list the reasons why you should re-invest in your agency at a time that most people would suggest you have your head examined:

  • Inspiring new offices boost morale, which has a positive impact on the work.
  • Increases client retention -- clients like to feel that their agency is staying on top of their game, always evolving and successful.
  • Renovating your office space makes your agency a little more competitive on new-business tours.
  • Modernizing your systems enhances your ability to serve your clients in an efficient manner. In our business, we have little choice but to keep up with technology.
  • The economy needs it, darn it! Keep those contractors, painters, IT guys and carpenters employed!
Reasons not to re-invest now in your agency:
  • Creating an inspiring workplace is not a priority.
  • Your aging systems are just fine, and hopefully won't crash when you are preparing for a big client presentation.
  • Your clients don't care what your offices look like, as long as the work is good.
  • You just cannot afford it.

Maybe I'm an optimist. Maybe I'm crazy. But we've been successful for 45 years, so I believe we made the right decision to re-invest this year. Because if you want to ensure your extinction, cease to evolve.

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