Has Your Agency YouTubed Yet?

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MARC BROWNSTEIN: Small agencies must always ask themselves, "How are we different than the thousands of other shops that want the same clients, and large shops that are starting to fish in our waters?"
Marc Brownstein
Marc Brownstein

Some specialize in industries, like healthcare. Others become experts in audiences, like Hispanic, youth, or seniors. If you are not ready to commit your agency to a specialty, then you might want to consider a commitment to emerging media and content. Read Ad Age any week -- it's where the market is moving to.

An example of emerging media is a site like YouTube.com, and creating videos is all the rage in content. Consumers have been all over the video trend for a while; most agencies have been slow getting there. Which gives small agencies like yours and mine a unique advantage, because we are agile, and can capitalize on trends a lot faster than the big shops. And any advantage we (small agencies) can get, we have to take advantage of.

Back to video: why is the medium on the web so innovative? Consider that YouTube.com is growing so fast in popularity; it is now one of the most visited sites in the world! Turns out, people are wannabe directors, and even more are looking for homemade entertainment. Videos are feeding that fascination.

Your agency can produce viral videos for clients, post them on YouTube.com, and invite millions to watch them. Can't beat the media efficiencies! And that's just one application with video. I'm sure you and your creative teams can think of dozens more.

Embracing change in content and delivery -- and leveraging it for clients -- is one way to distinguish your shop, and keep your clients yours.
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