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Ad Age's Small Agency Conference & Award Show will be held July 14-15 in New Orleans. This year's lineup of speakers includes: Pippa Seichrist, president, Miami Ad School; Eric Ryan, co-founder, Method Products; Sharon Napier, president, Partners & Napier; Claudia Batten, chief operating officer, Victors & Spoils; Matt Cutler, chief marketing officer, Visible Measures and many more. Full agenda below. Register now.

Opening Cocktail Party
Wednesday, July 14 - 6:30pm � 9:30pm
Crescent City Brewhouse, 527 Decatur Street, New Orleans

Small Agency Conference
Thursday, July 15 � Intercontinental New Orleans, 444 St. Charles Avenue

8:30am: Networking Breakfast and Registration

9:35am: Keynote Presentation: Be True To Who You Are
At many ad industry forums, "Change" is the prevailing topic. How to change, when to change, what to become in order to survive. Partners & Napier founder Sharon Napier says for small and medium sized agencies, it's critical to know what to change - but perhaps even more importantly, what NOT to change. Looking at what makes small agencies an important force in the industry, as well as the lessons she's learned from growing her company 300% over 6 years, building a unique culture and proving that not-so-big agencies can attract big brands, you'll see "Change" is only part of the equation.
Sharon Napier, President and CEO, Partners and Napier

10:10am: From Share of Voice to Share of Choice: A new perspective on brand marketing effectiveness
In the digital world it's less about pushing messages out to an audience and more about pulling them in. But how does an agency or marketer get consumers to raise their hand, watch an ad and then pass it along? Visible Measures has data on thousands of viral campaigns and will share its advice for activating the masses.
Matt Cutler, Chief Marketing Officer, Visible Measures

10:35am: The Big Questions: Small agency leaders address their most important issues
Small agencies face a host of unique challenges: how to brand themselves and prove to clients that their business is well served in the hands of the small agency; how to stay ahead of technology without big-agency resources; how to tackle staffing challenges outside of Madison Avenue and its environs; and how to manage the RFP influx with limited time and money. Hear from Small Agency Diary Bloggers about how they're addressing these and other priorities, opportunities and pitfalls.
Moderator: Ken Wheaton, Assistant Managing Editor, Advertising Age


  • Marc Brownstein, President, The Brownstein Group
  • Bart Cleveland, Partner, Creative Director, McKee Wallwork Cleveland
  • Phil Johnson, CEO, PJA Advertising and Marketing
  • Tom Martin, Founder, Converse Digital

  • 11:20am: Break

    11:40am: Landing and Nourishing Creativity: Getting the most out of your creative team
    The research is complete, the strategy outlined and the creative concept underway. Ever worry about the results? Are your creative teams producing the results for your agency? In all the media your client wants? Hear from Pippa Seichrest about the state of creative talent, and how small agencies can recruit and retain the type of talent that will keep (or bring) your work at a high level. Also, get a sneak preview of a new tool that can help agencies of all sizes with their creative talent.
    Pippa Seichrist, President, Miami Ad School

    12:05pm: Lunch

    1:45pm: The Creativity Within: How to create a new profit center
    Last year's small agency of the year winner, Rockfish Interactive, isn't just creating work for its own clients but also developing proprietary IP and generating an important new, recurring revenue source. Learn about how they made the change and some of their projects from CEO Kenny Tomlin.
    Kenny Tomlin, CEO, Rockfish

    2:10pm: Keynote Presentation: Method to the Madness
    Eric Ryan -- the architect of the Method brand -- brings experience and enthusiasm for building consumer and retail concepts. Delivering remarks both informative and entertaining for tomorrow's entrepreneurs, Mr. Ryan will share practical strategies for growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape, helping the audience better understand how consumers behave, how new companies compete, and how both groups are acting together to drive profound global change.
    Eric Ryan, Co-founder and Chief Brand Architect, Method Products

    2:55pm: Crowd Control: How to tap the masses smartly
    Claudia Batten is a veteran early adopter, having co-founded in-game ad company Massive (subsequently acquired by Microsoft) and now as one of the trio behind Victor & Spoils, the self described "world's first creative (ad) agency built on crowdsourcing principles." Join her as she shares what's on the horizon and how to get there�and how she envisions using crowd-sourcing techniques to push the creative limit for new executions and ideations.
    Claudia Batten, Chief Operating Officer, Victors & Spoils

    3:25pm: Break

    3:45pm: Keeping it Legal: Understanding the law in a new-media age
    Agency recommends social media tools, client agrees. Now what? Who creates the page? Who manages the page? Who owns the handle? Why can't there be multiple log-ins? Using real-life examples from agency missteps, Michael McSunas explains these legal considerations and others in the age of new media.
    Michael McSunas, Shareholder, Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C.

    4:15pm: Creative Case Study
    Tor Myhren, Chief Creative Officer, Grey

    4:40pm: Answering Your Burning New Business Questions: RFP tips, techniques for presentation, increasing your win rate
    With clients opening up agency reviews and portfolios, how can small agencies get their foot in the door? Brian Martin gives real advice on what agencies should and shouldn't do as the maneuver through the pitch process.
    Brian Martin, Founder and CEO, Source Martin

    5:10pm: Closing Remarks

    Small Agency Awards
    Thursday, July 15 � 6:30pm-9:30pm
    Republic, 828 South Peters Street, New Orleans

    *Agenda and speakers subject to change

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