I'm Done Blogging About the Economy

It Sucks ... and I'm All Out of Advice

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Marc Brownstein Marc Brownstein
A year ago, I started sending warning signals out about the slowing economy. I advised that you watch your overhead, lock down your client relationships and work as hard you can in your new-business efforts. I followed that with many postings offering evolving counsel as the economy fell deeper into recession.

You watch TV. Visit online news sites. Read newspapers and magazines. Listen to dire warnings on the radio. And hear the same, sad stories from colleagues in our industry, and in nearly every other industry. Everyone is saying the same things: "It's tough out there"; "Never seen anything like this economy"; "Trying to hang in there"; "Did you hear that XYZ company just laid off another 5,000 people?"; Circuit City closed its retail stores; Citibank is struggling to stay afloat; new homes are going unsold...

Blah, blah, blah.

So when I sat down to write another post for Small Agency Diary, I just couldn't talk about the economy anymore. I'm done. I've given all the advice, hope and inspiration I have in me. Don't get me wrong; I want us all to succeed as much now as ever. And lord knows we still need to navigate our agencies through this tsunami. But maybe I'm a leading indicator, and as such, am moving on to topics that are binary -- and more positive -- about what we do for a living. Perhaps I'm inspired by the fresh slate of our new U.S. president. Who knows?

For me, it's back to sparking a dialogue about: integrating the marketing disciplines; doing great work; hiring and retaining talent; making our clients famous; making our agencies famous. And taking a stand on topics that have yet to spring up.

Feels great. I'm already diggin' this new beginning. Hope the lack of recession talk makes us all feel better.

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