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NOELLE WEAVER: When I was 16 I had a poster on my wall of Johnny Rotten of the punk band The Sex Pistols. Teen Bop [the magazine I had ripped it from] had taken the liberty of adding in big white type ‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ right below Johnny’ s sneering face. It hung on my wall for quite some time.

A number of things happened this week that made me reflect back on that poster.

At the 3GSM conference in Barcelona this week one of the big stories was the third screen: the mobile TV platform. I realized that our industry hasn’t even started dreaming up the types of creative content it could create.

A company in Norway called Opera Systems developed a Wi-Fi enabled card that allows Nintendo DS users to surf the full internet from their systems. We now [quite literally] have gamers’ attentions in the palms of [their] hands.

During a Gaming 101 seminar by IGA Partners, my friend Darren Herman explained that real-time ads are being programmed in video games down to zip code and time share. So the Coca-Cola billboard I pass by at 6:00 could potentially change to a Nike ad 15 minutes later -- and my friend who lives in Sunnyvale, CA never saw either. [Sure you know about this, but do your clients?]

I guess what I’m trying to say is:

Put down that client briefing deck for just one moment to think about all of the new technology out there. It’s a pretty incredible time to be in advertising. While a lot of people are still decrying that the old ways agencies did business are dying, there’s a few of us who have jumped ship, and recognize that an exciting new frontier is just beginning. We have no idea where this amazing journey is going to take us.

And if we aren’t having fun yet? We should be.
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