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NOELLE WEAVER: Lately, I’ve had more and more folks reaching out to me asking for help or advice on the new business front as they venture out to launch their own small agency or business. “How do you even begin the search for new clients?”

I’ve been told I’m a rarity because I have chosen to make a career out of new business. Most people can’t last 2 hours doing this stuff… I’ve lasted over 12 years and I simply love it.

While I won’t give all my secrets away, I’d thought I’d take the time to share a few ‘wisdoms’ that I’ve developed along the way which I think are important for any agency no matter if you are big or small.

1.) Rule #1: New Business should be an agency function, not a person or department.

2.) New Business is like dating -- first time you meet her don’t talk about yourself the whole time or she’ll never call you back.

3.) Take the time to understand who you are [as an agency] and make sure you believe in what you’ re selling.

4.) Do your homework. Here’s a great client quote that I often refer to, “Demonstrate how you can move my business. Give me insight or a great idea. Show me that you understand what I do.”

5.) Remember in pitch situations, clients are looking for reasons to disqualify you. I once saw a RFP returned with red proofreaders marks on the mistakes. Spell-check + proofread everything. Twice. (You’d be amazed at how many people don’t.)

Most of all -- keep your eyes open for opportunities at all times, everywhere. You need to be tenacious and persistent, and importantly -- know how to listen and respond so the client builds a lasting relationship with the brand. Yours.

Happy hunting.
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