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Getting to Know Me – Chapter 1 Hi. My name is Doug Zanger. Everyone just calls me by my last name . . . so Zanger is fine.

Ken Wheaton asked me to introduce myself to all of you. Instead of a long-winded, boring, forced soliloquy, I think it would be best to approach this like tapas . . . one small plate at a time. That way, over an extended period, you can get to know me better.

I am the creative director for Entercom Portland . . . Oregon. I must make that distinction because, when I was in New York last week, some people thought I was from Maine and asked if I wanted some "chowdah."
Doug Zanger Doug Zanger
Anyway, Entercom is short for "entertainment communications." Based in Philadelphia, our main focus is radio (117 stations in 24 markets), but we do much more than that. I could go into great detail, but that would throw the tapas thing out the window and veer into a Jean Georges Vongrichten 8-course prix fixe kind of vibe.

I work on client campaigns, business development, sales marketing, and some programming stuff . . . quite honestly, I work on so many things, a list wouldn't do it justice. I will say this, though . . . I absolutely love the job . . . and not because people from Entercom will invariably read this. I honestly love it, because the idealist in me feels that I can actually make a difference to listeners, clients, my co-workers, colleagues, company and the industry. Plus, it's a blast to come to work.

I tend to look at the stewardship in all of this. I hope that I leave radio, advertising and communications in better shape than when I found it. Sure, I've put my share of blights on the landscape but, if one of my interns ends up as the greatest CD in the world someday, then I will have done a decent job.

I'm always open for conversation. Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] Until then, save room for the next plate I'll send around.

Getting to Know Me Game: "AdLibs 1" Directions: Copy and paste list below, complete and email to me. I will pick one list at random for next week's "AdLib."
  • Verb:
  • Plural Noun:
  • Number:
  • Animal:
  • Barnyard Animal:
  • Advertising Legend (past or present):
  • Noun:
  • Vegetable:
  • Meat:
  • Fruit:
  • Flower:
  • Exclamation:
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