What We Can Learn From the Olympics

Perhaps Small Agencies Should Hire Olympic Coaches

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Marc Brownstein
Marc Brownstein
Every four years I get truly inspired by the accomplishments of the Olympic athletes. Seeing Shaun White take the gold during his first run and actually top his own score during his second run when it didn't even matter anymore was amazing. Then Lindsey Vonn takes gold with a bum shin; Evan Lysacek upsets the Russian skater and becomes the first male gold medalist in figure skating for USA since Brian Boitano. And USA's hockey team could possibly repeat the miracle of 1980. It's all incredibly captivating. Watching these athletes do their thing on the world's biggest stage also has analogies for our business.

Think about it. These world-class athletes train and train and train for one big moment. If they come up large in that big moment, they take the prize. It's competition in its purest form. In the advertising business, we take similar approaches to winning business: For a pitch, we practice, practice, practice. And then we do our thing in front of the client (the equivalent of the Olympics judges), and we get graded on our performance. Same rules apply to winning in Olympic competition as in advertising competition.

Yet some agencies don't practice. Or some are just not that talented. But for those that have the right team -- or aspire to – and have a winning mindset, I believe you can achieve whatever you want.

So wouldn't it be smart if small shops hired Olympic coaches to work with us to raise the level of discipline, focus and talent? The results could be game changing -- how small agencies grow into larger ones.

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