The Line Item on Award Show Entries

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MARC BROWNSTEIN: The last two weeks were bitter sweet for me. Regrettably, I was out of the country during the recent regional ADDY Awards show. Fortunately, we did well. Won 55 awards, 28 of them Gold ADDYs. The decision to enter awards shows is one that is different for every agency across the globe. At Brownstein Group, it is one that we are committed to, and is part of our long-term agency strategy. Some outsiders will deride an agency for trying to win awards with the clients' money.

We see it differently.

It has been our experience over the last four decades that earning top honors in our disciplines has provided the following benefits:

1. One of the surest ways to build, maintain and enhance our agency's brand reputation.

2. Validations from our peers not only earns us industry respect, it also helps us recruit better talent.

3. Achieving excellence spurs new business referrals from industry executives, both vendors and competitors.

4. It's good for morale. I know there were smiles around Brownstein Group in the afterglow.

5. New business: winning gold makes the phone ring. And it already has in the last week.

6. It raises the bar inside Brownstein Group.

7. It raises the bar in our creative community.

8. Current clients love it. Says they are with the right agency. And if the award happens to be on their business, they beam with pride.

Downside of winning awards:

1. More glass to dust.

Given the above, I think we’ll keep the budget line item on awards shows for the foreseeable future.
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