What Do Matt Lauer, Social-Media Experts and My Kid Have in Common?

A List of Things for Which I Give Thanks

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Peter Madden
Peter Madden
As a Small Agency Owner, and blogger-about-town for my friends at Ad Age, I thought why not do the lazy thing . . . scratch that . . . original thing . . . scratch that . . . I mean appropriate thing and give some Thanksgiving shout-outs:

Unsatisfied Clients: Sure, it's easier and fun when everyone's fist-bumping over the big idea, incredible identity, masterful digital campaign, but let's hear it for the guy/gal in the room who asks "How could this be better?" Let's face it, the final creative product is better when people challenge the idea.

Social Media "Experts": Thank you for your courage! Because we all know that claiming expertise in a realm that hasn't remotely peaked is like me claiming expertise in feng shui for your space pod. I recently read that true expertise requires 10,000 hours of work within that subject. Interesting.

"Mad Men": I love this show. My wife is even into it now, only because she wants to take an ax to Don Draper's whiskey-drinking hand but is still trying to figure out which one that is.

RFPs: Thank you for your humor and inane requests. We enjoy reading you aloud and cackling, wondering what agency you were written for. Bravo!

Clients Who Call: Amazing how quickly a problem can be solved in a five-minute phone call. As much as we love sending e-mails back and forth all day, I love those who keep it old school.

Job Seekers Who Call: Thank you, all five of you who rang me up over the past several months to present your qualifications. You certainly stood out above the 5,000 who e-mailed me their resume. Lesson to be learned there.

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman: The ultimate album for Fall. The only album available where Trane backs a singer. Please pick this up immediately. I mean it.

Matt Lauer: Thanks for stopping reading off the teleprompter how bad the economy is. H1N1 news is much more palatable. I think you, sir, were the spark that shot the Dow over 10,000. Well played!

Sticky Name Tags: What are early mornings and weak coffee, eating rubber chicken over bad conversation, without my name sticking to my chest? Sticky name tag, sometimes you're more interesting than the people at my table, and for that, I thank you. Plus, you never send a form letter after the event.

"Hiiiii DaDa!" There is nothing like hearing those two words from Gavin when I walk in the door. I wish I could hear them more but many times he's already asleep. Such is the life of a small-agency owner. Thank God for the weekends!

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