Moving day means moving on.

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Part of the adventure of growing up is outgrowing your space. We’ve almost doubled in size over the last year and are in desperate need of more room. After looking at various locations we’ve opted to build. We should be in our new space in less than year. In the meantime, fate dealt a hand and we had to move from our present location to temporary space (don’t ask, it frustrates me to talk about it).

The move went smoothly and I’ve noticed our people are excited about the new space even though it’s temporary and a bit smaller than we'd like. It is nice space, a 50 year-old building that is architecturally contemporary and newly restored. But it’s not us. Come to think of it, we’re not us yet. So why does everyone seems so jazzed?

I think the inconvenience of moving has made positive things more evident. Psychologically moving can be an affirmation that we are pushing forward and progressing as a company.

One of my daily goals is to take a walk around the agency and talk to everyone. I really just want to observe how they’re feeling. I want to encourage an excitement within each of them to do something great. Going from good to great like growing apples, you have to prune and fertilize and water and wait. The waiting part is really hard for me. But if you do all of the things that help, you don’t have to wait long.

I’m seeing a proactive attitude in our employees to make great things happen. Our clients are saying yes to untraditional work and higher production budgets. They are letting us make the work better.

So, I’m embracing our temporary move because it hints to what is to come, what our next move will cause. To have space designed especially for us will create even more momentum. Moving does that for you. You purge the old, get rid of the unused and make room for something fresh. That’s pretty important when you’re trying to do fresh work.
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