Post-Labor Day Growth Planning

Five Things to Do Now to Improve Your Agency

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Marc Brownstein Marc Brownstein
I've always believed the week after Labor Day is the toughest week of the year. It's a huge adjustment after being in summer mode for three months. Maybe the tough adjustment is residual from when I was a kid, and dreaded the first day back at school.

So as you put away your shorts and sandals, and put on jeans and fleece, what better time to shift into a higher gear and re-focus on growing your agency? (Not that it ever stops, but you know what I mean.) Yes, the post-Labor Day Blues can be turned into Green, as in $$$! Here are five easy things you can do to propel your agency ahead, and make it a more successful year.
  1. Grow organically. Gather your leadership team, and review your current clients. Are there opportunities to help them gain market share? Provide new services that are a core competence of yours? When was the last time you did a capabilities presentation for your existing clients? It could create more opportunities for both you and your client.

  2. Grow with new clients. Review your new-business program and seek ways to stay top of mind with your best prospects. When was the last time you touched them with a message? Make sure you are saying the right things to the right decision makers so that your agency can be there pre-RFP. Crank your agency PR plan into high gear, especially now that everyone is back from the beach and the mountains.

  3. Grow through merger/acquisition. In this tough economy, there are more opportunities to merge or acquire. It's a simple fact of a recession. Now may be a good time to explore joining forces with another agency and emboldening your own brand.

  4. Grow by improving your talent. It is also a good time to evaluate the talent you employ. Can you do better? Are there weak links? All we can offer is great talent, and if yours is good, but not great, then you are limiting your growth prospects, because clients will go elsewhere.

  5. Grow your profits. You should tighten your belt in any economy, but you should especially cut costs now. Staying lean will help your agency thrive in dicey times, and set you up for even more success when the economy rebounds.
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