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We have a little white board in the back of our agency where the “Quote of the Day” is recorded.

Passing by, you can’t help but notice what’s up there. You read and you laugh, wondering from what context the statement was derived.

One of my personal favorites was from on of our account supes who said, “I can’t have a house warming party yet, I haven’t gotten my new bedroom furniture,” Of course in the context of conversation this may not be provocative, but on the white board it was stop-you-in-your-tracks.

The “quote of the day” is always intriguing. When someone records an overheard gem, they are reacting to the world around them. They are noticing something askew, and then sharing it with others. This is a great analogy of how great advertising becomes great. “There is nothing new under the Sun,” the proverb says. So how do we get people to notice what they already are familiar with? It’s the white board.

The value of the “quote-of-the-day” board isn’t the quote; it’s the board. Having a place to share quickly and spontaneously is an invaluable tool to do fresh thinking. It’s like putting something in a kaleidoscope. When shared, you allow people to see things from new perspectives. What was familiar becomes new. The toughest part of our job is to show the familiar from a truly new perspective. To differentiate our client’s products we try not to forget to use the white board in our brains.
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