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Well the Super Bowl came off pretty much as everyone predicted. But what about the spots? What did you think? Our AdBowl poll ranked the top 10 on a scale of 1-5. If you convert the score to letter grades the top 10 got B's and C's. Not exactly a stellar performance. I wonder why. Did clients hold the reins too tight this year, or did our industry under perform?

From AdBowl we know what people on the street think. I'd love to know what people in our industry think. AdBowl is still open for voting. You can view the spots thanks to iFilm and then vote. Use the comment section here to give your evaluation. Also if you as a small agency ran a Super Bowl spot, tell us about it.

AdBowl Winners 2007
  1. Bud Light - "Rock, Paper, Scissors" 3.8393
  2. Blockbuster Video – "Mouse"
  3. Budweiser – "Dalmatian" 3.5944
  4. General Motors – "Robot" 3.5064
  5. Bud Light - "But He Has Bud Light" 3.4951
  6. Bud Light - "Wedding Reception" 3.4752
  7. Doritos - "Car Wreck" 3.4301
  8. Bud Light – "Classroom" 3.4114
  9. Bud Light - "Fist Bump" 3.3986
  10. Snickers – "Mechanics" 3.3017
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