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Doug Zanger Doug Zanger
It's yet another marathon on the road.

Ironically, one of the stops on the road was in Boston for the Boston Marathon. Since I can only cobble together 26.2 miles in around 10 runs, it's clear that my reason for being there was to watch. Here are some things I noticed on this latest jaunt.

It's very good to meet with other Small Agency Diary people. I've met Marc Brownstein in Philly and Noelle Weaver in New York. Peter Madden and I chat whenever a Philadelphia sports team does something of note other than lose their 10,000th game. (Yeah, I'm talking to you Phillies.) This time, I had a chance to spend a little time with Phil Johnson over coffee in Cambridge. Any time I head over the Harvard Bridge, I either feel very smart or very dumb, depending on the day. This day, I learned a great deal about Phil, his background and his agency. I'm still deciding if I felt dumb or smart, but it was a great time.

Alaska Airlines kicks ass. Being an MVP Gold gets me free upgrades. The Board Room is a very good lounge. The service is outstanding and I have never been disappointed. I took another airline non-stop from JFK to LAX. Seat 29E, smack in the middle of a 767 for six hours next to someone who I can only presume thought it was "Optional Shower Day." I think I'll take the connection in Seattle or Portland next time.

It might be a good idea to rent hybrids about now. Filling a Volvo S60 costs $70. Topping off a Prius after driving from LAX to Malibu, Malibu to L.A., and downtown L.A. in traffic to LAX costs only $9.

Cloverfield is a REALLY good movie. I was hesitant to pay $13 for this in the hotel and I usually don't like movies where narcissistic 20-somethings pout about their hair and running out of Ciroc. I also don't really like scary movies because I am a wuss. But, this movie was well worth it. (Warning: Don't watch this alone at night. You won't sleep much.)

The roof of The Pod Hotel in New York is the best place to have a meeting. It beats a meeting room and a crowded Starbucks by a mile. Not only do you get a commanding view of Midtown, but you get relative peace and quiet. If you're lucky, you can watch European tourists smoke filterless clove cigarettes too.

We still have a long way to go. When you spend time on the road, you have time to think. When you think, you sometimes write things down. When you write things down, you see just how much work there is left to do to get your agency where you want it. Though the agency is still growing, we know that we have miles and miles to go.

See, it all comes back around to that marathon thing again.
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