Role of the Big Idea: Has It Changed?

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NOELLE WEAVER: Our agency was honored this week to have a new client invite the entire agency to share a toast and meet one another. The director of advertising is known as a man who has a way with words and I was quite struck by what he said. I’m paraphrasing here, but it was more or less this:

"Big agencies always come to a pitch and say they have the nimbleness that small agencies do. Small agencies come to a pitch and say they have the same resources as the big ones. But this wasn’t about nimbleness or resources…"

"You showed me that you were just as concerned about my business, in its entirety, as I was."

"You presented the idea before the :30 second spot."

"Your ideas were ones that surrounded, engaged, informed and entertained our audience."

"You also showed me that your thinking was about the entire brand experience, not about making ads."

His speech was short but his words were powerful. Simply and succinctly he had summed up so much of what the industry has been talking about these days: Ideas that engage consumers.

Most of us here would probably argue that it has always been about the idea [and I would agree] – but this got me thinking further: Has the role of the ideas we create, changed?
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