Our Social-Media Road Show Is Ready to Hit the Highway

How Creating Content Can Pay Off for an Agency

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Darryl Ohrt
Darryl Ohrt
Our agency is getting ready to head out onto the highway for the fourth annual Humongo Nation social-media road show. We've learned some valuable lessons over the years, but by far the most worthy is that effective self promotion doesn't have to be about us.

The purpose of the tour in the grand scheme of things is to make marketers aware of our agency. Duh. But in actuality the tour has very little to do with our agency. What we've created instead is something that we believe marketers can learn from, be inspired by, or at the very least, be entertained by.

We could have created a show, a website or even a tour that did nothing but talk about what our agency could accomplish for marketers, the clients and success stories that our agency has garnered, and profiles on our people. But why would a marketer bother to tune in?

Instead, we've attempted to produce a "show" (as we sometimes refer to it at our agency) that's chocked full of content we believe to be valuable to marketers:

  • Interviews with innovators, large and small, in big cities and small towns.
  • Interviews with other agencies that are accomplishing remarkable things.
  • Blog posts that show unique perspectives from multiple brands across the nation.
  • Social-media tools in action, so that marketers can see how these tools might be used, rather than reading about them in a PowerPoint slide.
  • Tweets, Google map integration, photo and food blogs so that marketers can live vicariously through an agency on a classic American road trip.
Yes, all of this content is wrapped in a branded vehicle hosted by our employees, on a Humongo website. In the end, people who enjoy watching the tour will undoubtedly remember (and hopefully identify with) us. That's the by-product of delivering what we believe to be engaging content.

We're not the only brand producing unique content that's not all about ourselves: Google recently partnered with the Wharton School of Business to create Fast Forward https://www.youtube.com/user/FastForward. The site is filled to the gills with fantastic learnings from some of the brightest people in the business -- yet not directly about Google or the Wharton Business School.

Content is indeed king. If you can produce something valuable to your audience, they'll remember you. And they'll tell their friends. Last year, our tour dashboard received over 800,000 page views. Plenty of consumer brands would be happy with that traffic, but for a b2b audience, that's a smash hit. Clearly, we've created something worthy of a marketer's time, and we know that some of those hundreds of thousands of views will become clients.

So what will I be doing for summer vacation? Traveling down the eastern seaboard meeting some of the most remarkable people in our nation. I hope that you'll be watching it all, and then telling your friends.

Darryl Ohrt is a former punk rocker and chief contributor to the greatest blog in all of the land, BrandFlakesForBreakfast. While his official title is president, his business card says he's "Prime Minister of Awesome" at Humongo, a Source Marketing company. Darryl knows just enough to be dangerous. He's on the internet right now, playing, investigating and exploring. Watch out.
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