Praise Steve Jobs, but Live As He Lived

Don't Be Afraid to Walk Your Own Path, and Remember There's Aways Another Way

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Over the next few days there will be a lot of celebrating of the life of Steve Jobs. People will go on about how brave and innovative he was. How he didn't follow what others did. How he chose a path that seemed like madness to others, and even resulted in his being fired from his own company. Many will praise him for taking risks and believing doggedly in his vision.

Oh, the praise will surely flow. For a brief moment, allow me to channel, the southern preachers I grew up with.

If you want to celebrate Steve Jobs' life, then why don't you try to live more as he did? Embrace the things you are so quick to praise him for: stop being afraid to walk your own path; hold doggedly to your vision; dare to look foolish to others as you chase that which you know is right for you. Don't talk about how Steve lived, live the way Steve lived.

Think Different.

In remembering his life and accomplishments, we might be overlooking is greatest feat – he showed us that there is always another way, that the masses aren't always right and that going with the flow may be safe but it isn't always the best route.

Think Different.

What good is it to praise the man, yet not try to add to our lives that which we admire about him? Others will list his accomplishments and discuss his impact on the world and technology. I am happy to let them.

Me? I'm going to have a talk with the man in the mirror, and remind him to:

Think Different.

Derek Walker is the janitor, secretary and mailroom person for his tiny agency, brown and browner advertising based in Columbia, S.C.

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