Weight Pulling

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A small agency is a very delicate thing. We have 25 people. Each one has a critical role. You really feel it when someone isn’t pulling his or her weight. You also can easily see when someone is going beyond the call of duty. It is not surprising that these two people have a direct affect upon one another. If the non-weight pulling isn’t addressed a morale problem arises very quickly. The best way to solve the problem is to understand the key to successful weight pulling.

It’s very simple: Passion.

Can you imagine getting up every day and going to a job that you are not excited to do? (Warning: There is a good chance you are living this way.) Why? I’m baffled that people live their lives doing something they really don’t have a passion to do. It could be their lot in life; the cards dealt them aren’t so good. But I don’t think so. I don’t think its passion for a job that is missing; it’s passion for anything.

I get a little frustrated about how frustrating I can be to with others. They know I’m hard to please. But they also know it’s about the work. I have such a deep respect for those that will keep going and going to make their work better. It means they love the work enough to endure the pain. That’s why people who work with me and aren’t weight pullers worry me. If they don’t pull their weight because they have no passion and they don’t have passion because they don’t love the work, where will we be as an agency? Will we ever be special in any way, or just take our place as a part of the unwashed masses? We both know the answer. In a small company like ours it only takes on non-weight puller to do the job.

I think the scariest thing about trying to grow an agency into something special is the possibility that a person you’re hiring is passionless. This is not as easy to see as you might think. People can fake passion. Just watch “When Harry met Sally.” But it only takes a couple of weeks to a month to see that you were fooled. Then comes the process. First the patient waiting to see if you’re just imagining it; then the subtle hints that never seemed to be picked up on; then the performance review; then the next performance review with a deadline to see improvement; then the next review to say they probably need to find something else pretty quick. It’s very depressing. And it does havoc to your momentum.

I’ve learned its better to be pretty direct with people when they aren’t cutting it. The more you care about everyone in your office the more you will discipline yourself to not procrastinate in admonishing the non-weight puller.

I read Einstein was pretty frustrated when his theory of relativity was proven correct. It showed a lot scientific assumptions to be wrong. Now he had to solve the new questions raised and we all know he flunked math. The point is he kept going. His name is synonymous with genius. It should also be synonymous with passion. For that is from where genius springs.
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