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While reading our industry pubs I seldom see small agency people quoted. We don’t have the national identity that gives instant clout to our view. I don’t mind this. I guess the person who wrote “I’m lovin’ it” does have a natural credibility compared to someone who is working on a statewide restaurant chain in Milwaukee. So I wondered if the world was small who would be giving the opinions?

Here are some questions to ponder. Pick one and give the world your opinion.

1. Who should be Small Agency of the Year and why?

2. Should the award shows have categories further divided by budget?

3. What should award shows do to improve?

4. How do you think most agency search consultant’s view of small agencies?

5. What is the worst campaign you’ve seen this year? What is the best?

6. Is there an ad you wish everyone could see (but won’t because it’s not a national advertiser)?

7. How do you deal with your client’s demand for ROI?

8. Apple is being criticized for an Eminem iPod ad’s likeness to one created for Lugz. When most ads are some derivative (if not a blatant rip-off) of a previous idea, what’s all the hubbub?

9. If an ad becomes a part of the national vernacular, does that mean it’s good creative?

10. What is the most effective thing the ad industry could do to become more respected and trusted?
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