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Social Media Is Everyone's Communication Platform

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Marc Brownstein Marc Brownstein
When my father and mother recently created their own Facebook pages, I knew social media was tipping. What started out as a way for youth to connect, share and forge new relationships, sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook have, in the last six months, dramatically expanded their audiences, reach and purpose. There are now over 375 million users of some form of social media worldwide.

Its implications are already affecting my agency, as we've recently been hired to handle projects to help our clients leverage all of those eyeballs. Like any communications resource that has a loyal following, social-media sites have become marketing vehicles. And that is how we should view them: How can we motivate people on those sites to start a dialogue with our client's product or service?

The possibilities for clients are far-reaching. For example, according to Matt Kapko of iMedia, "Twitter is finding its groove as a direct marketing tool. Dell Computer recently claimed it made almost $1 million in sales based purely on sales alerts delivered on the micro-blogging platform. The news makes sense coming from a company that cut its teeth building a business out of selling PCs directly to the public." And it's not just large companies like Dell -- companies of every size are having success using social-media vehicles. With three generations actively using these communication tools, there's serious purchasing power in social media.

So I want to challenge each and every one of you to think in new ways for your clients, and with social media, specifically, to bring innovative marketing ideas to your agency's roster of brands. How can you help your clients thrive with new strategies and tactics?

The agencies that do this successfully will be the ones that thrive in the future. My shop has already been engaged to do this. So take a deeper dive into the exploding world of social media, and make it a bigger part of your business, so that it can be a bigger part of your clients' business.

Now excuse me while I block my Aunt Sally from accessing my Facebook page.

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