NYCA Drinks, Likes, Markets Greens To Go

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California is the land of health and agency NYCA, situated in the surfer paradise of Encinitas, California, has won a healthy account: Greens to Go, a new product of BioPharma Scientific.

Described as an "organic Superfood Fruit & Veggie Mix," it comes in a powder that mixes with water and packs up to five servings of fruits and vegetables. NYCA creative director and CEO Michael Mark said the product will make it easy for people to get their daily requirement of greens. He's developing strategic messaging for Greens To Go, as well as print and in-store sampling and point of purchasing materials. He's also tasting the stuff and, as the old saying goes, Mikey likes it. "It tastes to good, even I drink it," said Mr. Mark.
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